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All Motoway products may look like, but for the discriminating enthusiast motoway creates technically good and superior products, fine-tuned for absolute mastery.The latest innovation and modification is our priority.

At motoway we are proud of the valued business partner’s response from USA and European’s market. It continues to drive to us greater excellence, we are confident of the unmatched skill of our artisans whose hands produce a unique work of art with every product they stitched.

As Motoway nears its third decade of Independent operations, we reiterate our original promise to give you the product for value. So every day folks can play with championship quality.

Ch. M. Rashid

Motorbike Leather Garments

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Motorbike Gents Leather Jackets

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Motorbike Textile Garments

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Welcome to Motoway Industries Pvt Ltd

Our Mission

Motoway seeks to become the leading ethical

manufacturer of product in the country, servicing an

expanding  base  of  satisfied,  international  clients.

Motoway ensures high-quality, cost efficiency and timely

delivery, through  professional structures and innovative business

processes, to extend its role  as a  model of  corporate responsibility

Social Policy

We, at Motoway Industries Pvt ltd, are committed with dedication to:

Condemn child Labor, forced Labor & discrimination and take all steps necessary to stop them

Improve employment conditions and compensate our employees to industry best practice standards

Motoway provide a safe & healthy working environment for our employees

Motoway respect Freedom of Association & Right to Collective bargaining

Motoway take steps for welfare & Intellectual growth of our employees

Motoway continual improvement in our management system

Community Development

Stipends to deserving family members of workers.
Scholarship to deserving children of workers.
Medical Camp for surrounding communities
Free pick and drop to all workers.
Free vaccination to workers.
Support to special workers.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Incorporated as a private company, Motoway traces its roots among the pioneers of high quality and socially responsible for garments and gloves manufacturing in sialkot.

As an office bearing member of the sialkot chamber of Commerce the and industry.In addition to worker safety, Motoway commitment to professional horizons incorporates a fair, transparent and equitable system for worker remuneration as per rules and regulation and code of conduct of government central to Motoway commitment to professionalism to ensure safety of all workers. High value of health, safety and environmental standard are set by Motoway including fire and emergency risk mitigation and response measures, and of protective equipment. All Motoway workers permanent or contractual are above the age 18

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